GOAL - $80/$1000

Please donate to the server to keep it in top condition and running 24/7! These donators will be ranked as "Donator" in my server. Different amounts of donations will get your different powers. Here is the listing. Imagine showing off your powers to others and getting so much re

NOTE: You cannot build up your amount of donations.

Ex. Make 1 donation of $7.50 and 1 month later you donate another $7.50. You will NOT get $15 Elite 

Donator. You must make a payment of $15 dollars.

To learn more about RocketBoots and how to use them, click HERE

$7.50 - Lite Donator

• DelTree - Clean up server for trees

• TP - Teleporting

• Pig MobDisguise

• Rocket Boots(Leather [Rocket Mobs] ,Iron [Launch Mobs] )

• The "/me" command.



$15 - Elite Donator

• All of the above

• House Area Grief Protection for 1 year

• "/back" - For when you die and want to go back to your death point.

• Rocket Boots(Diamond [Hovering] )

• Able to chat with color codes.

• 32 Diamond

$30 - Junior Donator

• All of the above

• House Area Grief Protection Lifetime

• 1 Extra Area that will be grief protected

• 45 Diamonds

• Rocket Boots(Gold [Flying] )

• 1 MobSpawner of your choice.

• $1000 ingame

$60+  -  Veteran Donator

• All of the above.

• "/heal" command. - Heals your life completely.

• 1 Extra Area Grief Protected - Total 3 - House/& 2 Areas

• Respect from players

• Rocket Boots(Chainmail [Super Speed] )

• 2 MobSpawners of your choice.

If you would like to donate, please add me on Skype we can talk. Another way you can contact me filling out a "Contact Us" application above.                                                                                               Please, Payments via PAYPAL ONLY

Skype: mylilnikka

Email Us At: diamondcraft@email.com